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black riders on call!

we like british boys :)

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CASEY: casey, tracy, and amy are really weird. woo.

AMY: what are you on?

CASEY: sorry, i was watching my favourite movie, 24 hour party people. all the druggies made me want to act like i was high.

AMY: that's such a good movie, you shouldn't let it look bad like that.

CASEY: you are right, i am shamed... many apologies.

TRACY: that's right, let's go roll some sushi. one second though, you guys fan the rice and i'll go roll sushi, since it's the only thing that i will do.

CASEY: damn it, i hate fanning sushi.

AMY: why do you get to roll it when we get to fan it. fanning is so boring. you always leave the manual labour to us.

TRACY: because i'm the only asian, and yours turn out like sushi hot dogs.

CASEY: she has a point...

AMY: i suppose.

::as casey and amy fan sushi and tracy sits there::

CASEY: this is such a pain in the ass.

AMY: i know really. tracy, instead of just sitting there pretending to be busy, why don't you think of something we can say in our community userinfo page?

TRACY: all right. what things should we cover?

CASEY: well, it's about knolls, and we hate knolls, and it will only be the group of us, so we should put all of our inside jokes in it.

AMY: well that includes every line from 24 hr pp and all three LOTR.

TRACY: orlando bloom should be covered double.

AMY: i think you should go cover him double yourself, tracy.

CASEY: yeah, miss i-dont-fan-sushi-rice

::timer goes off, sushi rice has been cooled::

AMY: now, start rolling. just like you would a joint...

TRACY: you should tell that to your sister's party guests.

::tracy starts rolling the sushi::

CASEY: anyways, as we're waiting for our sushi to be rolled, i think we should think of more things for this userinfo page.

AMY: we should say, these three girls that started this community were exausted at the time and have no real use for this community at all except to post random inside jokes and giggle over them

TRACY: ooh, sounds bitter.

CASEY: why do you care? roll.

TRACY: you sound like my mother.

AMY: let's not get into this right now, shall we.

TRACY: fine.

CASEY: we should also say we do not particulary like going to knolls, and we cannot wait to leave for college and go far, far away

AMY: i think any unwitting users will find this in line with the spirit that the community was created in.

CASEY: you are correct.

AMY: indeed. hey, where did tracy go?

::tracy is gone, the sushi is gone, and the front door of casey's house is swinging shut::

CASEY: she stole the sushi, after we had spent all that time fanning the rice to make it fluffy and shiny!

AMY: wuick, we might be able to catch her.

:;casey and amy run to the front door and stop on the stoop. a dark figure wearing all black is running down the road carrying to be what looks like a tupperware container filled wil dark rolls::

CASEY: i want my sushi back!

AMY: we ride to ruin and the world's ending!!!

CASEY: ::turning to amy:: well, it's really not THAT big of a deal...

AMY: sorry, i felt like Eomer for a second. that's all

CASEY: quick, before she gets away!

::casey and amy run to the end of the driveway and stop, as they see tracy's dark figure being pounced on by another dark figure. the two roll around outside for a while as casey and amy run to go break them up::

CASEY: ::to tracy:: what were you doing?

TRACY: i wanted it for myself... it came to me... though i buy it with a great pain i will suffer no hurt to the sushi...

CASEY: WTF are you talking about?!?!

TRACY: you would keep it for yourself! it should be an heirloom of my kingdom, althose that follow in my bloodline should be bound to it's fate!

AMY: that's enough, isildur. you know as well as i that it must be destroyed by eating it soon. you know sushi doesn't keep, especially for generations.

CASEY: but who is this other dark figure. ::speaking to fourthe person:: without your help, we never would ahve caught tracy who was driven mad by the sushi.

AMY: oh lord! it's jen golinski

JEN: i saw her tupperware container from the window of my room and thought she was my dealer. sorry.

::casey tells jen to leave and she goes back to her house. amy helps tracy up and takes the tupperware from her hands::

AMY: i'll take this, must like tom bombadil, i transcend the sushi's power altogether.

CASEY: we should go eat it now.

::the three girls walk up into casey's kitchen again and sit down to eat the sushi. they eat in silence. when it is done...::

AMY: now, tracy, i hope we have learned an important lesson from this.

CASEY: indeed i hope you have.

TRACY: sorry, i couldn't help it. i was rolling the sushi into these round ring-like shapes, and i felt just like the guy who forged all the middle-earth rings -

AMY: celebrimbor never was tempted by the elven rings he created.

CASEY: riiiiiiiight ::sighs:: you dork.

TRACY: ::continuing:: anyways, it won't happen again, i promise. they are all destroyed, and they hold no power over me anymore. but now i have this huge craving for cheesecake dollops

AMY: wow, you're just in luck... ;-)

::thus concluding the fellowship of the sushi rolls, they accomplished nothing of their task and ended up using the transcript of their adventure as their biography. lazy morons... ::

to be continued.